8 Best reverse image search engines

When you find something on a web page that interests you, clip it. But you can’t see the picture clearly. So what to do now?

At these times, most of us do nothing but give up.

The best way to use Reverse image search engines. Reverse image search engines are those special kinds of search engines where you don’t need to input any keyword to find pictures. Thus, you can get to know everything you wish to, just with the help of one picture.

In this article, I will share the 8 best reverse image search engines that will help you to know everything. Enjoy!

8 Best Reverse Image search engines

1. Google Images

Google Image Search Engine is completely free to use, there is no limit on file size or file type, and it certainly has the largest number of images indexed so, the possibility of finding a match is extremely high.

Google images is a widely used website to search images. It’s also one of my favorite image search engines.

2. Baidu

Baidu Image Search is the biggest image search engine in China. If you know Chinese, I advise you to use it.

Conversely, I don’t suggest you use it.

3. TinEye

TinEye is a reverse image search engine too. (14.6 billion images indexed and growing) Search by image: Give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web. TinEye doesn’t recognize the persons or objects in the picture, but it recognizes the entire picture as a whole. Thus, a very useful search engine.

To use this service, you have to upload the desired image or provide its link and command the tool to hunt for similar pictures. TinEye supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF images, and the upload size is limited to 20 MB. TinEye's free version allows up to 150 searches a week.

If you wish to exceed the search limit and want to experience the advanced features of TinEye, you’ll have to opt for its paid version starting at $200/per year.

4. Yandex

Yandex is the biggest image search engine in Russia. It also has a reverse photo search tool of its own. It’s a free reverse image search engine without the need of signing up, totally free. Do you like it?

If you are already using the Yandex browser, you can directly run the search for any image on almost any website by right-clicking on it and then hitting ‘search for this image on Yandex???

5. Karma Decay

Karma Decay is a reverse photograph search engine exclusively for Reddit. A simple and useful tool exclusively for Redditors.

6. Pinterest Visual Search Tool

The Pinterest visual search tool is by far the most advanced reverse image technology ever developed. Sometimes you spot something you really love on Pinterest, but you don’t know how to find it in real life, or what it’s even called. There’s that perfect lamp hiding in a Pin of someone’s living room, or maybe a random street-style shot with the exact shoes you’re looking for.

Well, now we’ve got a new tool that lets you find all those things you don’t have the words to describe.

7. Image Identify by Wolfram

The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project is a showcase of one function—ImageIdentify—from the 5,000 that are built into the Wolfram Language. I tried searching a couple of images and the results were below average.

However, it’ll improve with time as it learns from users.

8. Image Raider

Image Raider is Similar to Google Image Seach Engine, but also different. It uses Google, Bing, and Yandex search results to provide end results. But Image Raider also has some additional features.

Example: It can input more than one image at a time, which means you can run a multi-reverse image search (up to 20 images at a time) by using this tool. Hence, it saves a lot of time.

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