Best Chinese Online Video Platforms

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Today, more and more people like watching Chinese Movies.  You can do everything online. Such as writing, making money, learning, blogging, and so on.

Now China is digitalized. There are many good Chinese online video platforms on the internet. When you go to work/go home, you can watch a TV show directly from your phone while waiting for the metro station.

In today's article, I share some good Chinese Online video Platforms with you.

By the way, if you can't watch movies in your own country, you'd better use a VPN service to bypass the IP detection.

1. DouYin 抖音

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Today DouYin is one of the most popular Chinese video platforms. Why is DouYin so popular?

I think the Chinese like to watch short video apps and Diy TV shows directly. Such as hot game videos, Chinese kung fu, Chinese food videos, Chinese beauty...

And it is easy to use.

FQA: What different, TikTok or Douyin?

First Douyin and TikTok are branded as the same product, but they each have distinct characteristics depending on their marketing target.

Simply put, TikTok is the Chinese international version. Douyin is a domestic version. The number of users also varies.

FQA: How many users are there on Douyin? How many users are on TikTok?

One is 65.9 million users. Another is 91 million (2020).


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Kuaishou is a Chinese popular short video app. Today, it counts more than 480 million users. It also is one of DouYin's biggest competitors.

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