8 posts to Learn about the World of Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is also the official language of China. Today, I have selected a few posts to give you a deeper understanding of China or the Chinese World.

Which country’s flag features a hexagram?

A friend of mine asked me: “which country’s flag features a hexagram? ”  Then I googled “country’s flag hexagram” and the word “Israel” jumped out at me. But what do you know about this country?

Panda Moor Goldfish – Care Guide, Varieties, Lifespan

Goldfish aren’t hard to keep. When we talk about black goldfish, we think about black moor goldfish. It originated in China. The Panda Moor Goldfish is one of the most unusual goldfish species. Goldfish make the perfect pet for people who prefer an orderly house.

Are Shark Mammals?

As we all know, that dolphins are mammals. What about Sharks? Is shark a fish or mammal? Sharks are fish, not mammals.