Garden Snail: What Do Snails Eat and Live?

The snail is a slow-moving animal. It can move slowly in the wild or the garden, and can also live in the shell for a long time.

In general, snails like to be active at night. It is worth noting that snails are cold-blooded animals.

Garden Snail

The garden snail(European Brown Garden Snail) is one of the world's most widespread and well-known snails.

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The snail is relished as a food item in some areas, but it is also widely regarded as a pest in gardens and agriculture, especially in regions where it has been introduced accidentally, and where snails are not usually considered to be a menu item.

What do snails eat

Generally, snails are herbivorous animals that mainly feed on plant stems, leaves, fruits, and tender shoots. Snails prefer green, yellow, and white plant parts, such as vegetables, herbaceous plants, fruits, and flowers.

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The type of food snails eat is not strictly limited, but they have certain requirements for the shape and size of food. Generally, snails like to eat soft and easy-to-digest food, such as vegetables and fruits.

In addition, snails can also consume decaying plants or fruit peels. When cultivating snails, various green plants, fruit peels, vegetables, and other items can be provided to maintain their health and growth.

Additionally, to ensure the growth and reproduction of snails, it is necessary to provide them with appropriate amounts of protein and energy from foods such as eggs or fish powder.

What do snails live

Different snails live in other places. Generally, snails like to live in gardens, forests, and fields. They often make their homes in soil or under logs or rocks.

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They create burrows or tunnels where they can move around and find food.

Snail habits

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Snails prefer to live in a dark, damp, and hidden environment. They are active at night and sensitive to strong light stimulation.

They prefer a constant temperature environment. Temperature is kept constant between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius for their growth and reproductive activity to prosper.

Are snails pests?

The snail can be both a beneficial and harmful creature, depending on the specific context and purpose. There is no doubt that snails are pests of agriculture. But snails have medicinal value.

In summary

Snails are small animals that feed on plants and play an important role in maintaining environmental and ecological balance.

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