Are you looking for popular Korean fashion magazines? If the answer is 'yes', you come to the right place.

In today's post, I'll share some popular Korean fashion magazines.


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1. High-cut: The High-cut is one of the largest known Korean fashion magazines. By far my favorite Korean fashion magazine. It offers fashion information, beauty, star album, ebooks, and more.

2. CeCi: A large Korean fashion magazine, it offers Korean star photos, fashion news, audition, career, beauty blogs, and more.

3. Vogue: Vogue is one of the best-known Korean fashion magazines, offering featuring beauty trends, international trends, fashion designers, and fashion guides.

4. Fashion Net Korea: It is a  fashion knowledge portal. FashionNetKorea mainly provides fashion news and trends and more. You can search for fashion information on this site.

5. Nylon: one of the most popular Korean fashion magazines. The Nylon provides video clips and style tips for women. It is also a fashion website.

6. ELLE atZINE: This is a women’s fashion and beauty monthly magazine.

7. Stylem: Here, you can find fashion news, fashion trends, beauty information, and celebrity fashion.

8. GQ Korea: Like ELLE atZINE, but GQ Korea is the most popular fashion magazine for men, content includes fashion, trends, photos, sports, cars, and lifestyle.

9. Fashion Channel: a fashion business magazine, including fashion industry news, fashion brands, distribution, and market analysis.

10. Singles: The Singles is a lifestyle magazine, featuring luxury, fashion, beauty, stars, and employment information.

Note: The above part of the website address has changed.

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