Top 10 Chinese Cartoon Characters

Different country has different animation characters.

Today, more and more people begin to focus on China. The article provides a list of 10 popular Chinese Cartoon Characters.

Now let’s take a look at these colorful cartoons:

The Monkey King (Sun wukong)

Sun wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is the main character in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West. He is born from a stone with a superpower.

The Monkey King
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Sun wukong is naturally smart, lively, brave, loyal, vengeful, and abhorrence of evil, in Chinese culture has become a resourceful and courageous incarnation, so it's easy to become a Chinese boy idolized.

Nezha (哪吒)

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Nezha also known as Na-Zha (Na-ja) or Nata, a mythical hero of indomitable spirit, is a Taoist protection deity. Active in the classical novel "journey to the west" "FengShenYanYi" (commonly known as "FengShenBang").

According to the Chinese fantasy novel FengShenYanYi, he was a student of the immortal Taiyi Zhenren who reconstructed his body with lotus leaves and blossoms and trained him into a warrior deity.

He was given the title "Third Lotus Prince" after he became a deity.

Seven Calabash Brothers 葫芦兄弟

Calabash Brothers
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The Calabash Brothers are the protagonist of the animated film "Hulu Brothers" and its derivative works, each of which has superb skills.

To save relatives and fight with the goblins, it is loved by the audience, especially the children. Become the classics of the post-80s and post-90s.

Nasreddin (Afanti) 阿凡提

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Long ago there lived a man in Xinjiang (China). His name was Afanti.

Afanti is a kind man who has a strong hatred of evil practices, he uses his knowledge to uphold justice for the poor people and punish the greedy and stupid landlord Bayi and the king.

Cheng Xiang (沉香)

Cheng Xiang
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Based on a famous Chinese myth, lotus lantern is the story of Chen Xiang, an ordinary man who is surprised to find out that his mother is actually a fairy who broke heaven's rule and married a mortal.

With his uncle' help with his uncle's help, Chen Xiang acquires the magical lotus lantern and learns wizardry from a fox spirit, so that he can rescue his mother from heaven's prison.

Filled with marvelous visual effects, the lotus lantern is a wonderful, imaginative fantasy with a distinctive Chinese flavor.

Sergeant Black Cat 黑猫警长

Sergeant Black Cat
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The story of the black cat was basically in a forest. The black cat sheriff of the forest public security bureau carries with its officers the monitor, the white dove detective, and many police officers in the case to safeguard the peace of the forest.

The black cat sheriff, the white cat monitor, the white dove detective, and an ear ( mouse ) are the main characters of bendonghua.

Winter Of Three Hairs (三毛流浪记)

Three Hairs
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Sanmao is Zhang Leping's writing about the Republic of comics. It is perhaps the oldest Chinese cartoon character still alive today.

Sanmao which means "three locks of hair" in Chinese is a resilient, innocent boy who always insists on having a child's perspective when dealing with the adult world.

His cartoon image is known to all Chinese both at home and abroad.

Ma Liang 马良

Ma Liang
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A long time ago, the boy Ma Liang got a magic pen. The images he drew with this magic pen will become real. He often uses this magic pen to help the poor.

One day, a bad man took the magic pen, but the magic pen was not magical under his hands. So he asked Ma Liang to draw for him. As a result, Ma Liang killed the bad man with this magic pen.

Three monks (三个和尚)

Three monks
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A young monk lived a simple life in a temple on the top of the mountain. His daily task was to drag two buckets of water up the mountain. He tried to share the work with another monk, but the pole was only enough for a bucket.

The arrival of the third monk made everyone expect others to undertake the work. At night, everyone was thirsty, and no one could carry water. A mouse ran to catch it and knocked on the candlestick, leading to a devastating fire in the temple.

The three monks finally united and worked together to put out the fire. From then on, they understood the old saying "unity is strength". From then on, they began to live a harmonious life, and the temple was no longer short of water.

Shuke and Beta (舒克和贝塔)

Shuke and Beta
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Mice Shook was born with a very bad reputation in the mouse family, born destined to carry a "thief" charge. Shook is unwilling to be a thief so he decided to leave the house, drive a helicopter go outside for another try, and use their labor in exchange for food......

Beta is also a little mouse. Starting the day of his birth, there is always a terrible track the shadow. That shadow is the flower kitty Korea. Beta was unwilling to starve to death, he had to find a way to live. Later, the Beta is on the tank when the soldiers beat the Mili. He was determined to find his own life, and go to a place where there is no cat......

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