Top 10 Popular Korean Websites List

Do you know about Korean? Or have you heard of it?

If you want to learn more about South Korean cultures, you can read this post.

Today I'd like to share 10 Popular Korean Websites in this post. Enjoy!

Top 10 Popular Korean Websites

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It is the largest portal in Korea. NAVER's page aggregates a lot of information such as news, weather, shopping, hot search, and so on.


It is one of the largest portals in Korea. It was founded in 1995, with mail and community products as its core. Other services include communications, content, business and film, and television. Daum's literature classification area is the birthplace of Korean online fiction.


NATE is a multimedia portal with wired and wireless functions such as the internet, mobile phone, PDA, and vehicle system.


Gmarket is the largest comprehensive shopping website in Korea. It ranks first in the total sales value of goods in the online retail market in Korea. It mainly sells books, MP3, cosmetics, computers, household appliances, clothes and so on.


Founded in 1965, Korea’s Central Daily is the most comprehensive and reliable news carrier in South Korea, as well as an innovator of print media. Its editorial management model was the first success.

Pandora TV

Pandora TV is a well-known video-sharing website in Korea, the first in the Korean digital video industry.
Abundant adult video content (viewable over 19 years old)


Lotte World is an entertainment venue in downtown Seoul that integrates entertainment and visits


Korea's largest online community.


Hangame is Korea's largest online game portal, with dozens of games under its flag. R2, which you are most familiar with, is the company's publishing agent.


Korean Broadcasting System is Korea’s leading public services broadcasting website and the most influential media organization in the country. Providing news, TV, Radio, entertainment, and travel in four languages.

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