Top 10 Spanish Magazines You Can Learn Spanish

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Learning Spanish is easy. Even a child can do it. Most adults who are learning a second language would disagree with this statement. For them, learning Spanish is a very difficult task.

They need hundreds of hours of study and practice, which will not guarantee success for every adult language learner.

Note: Language teachers often offer advice to language learners: "Read as much as you can in the new language."

Spain has some well-known magazines that cover multiple fields,  including fashion, entertainment, news, and social events.

Spanish Magazine
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Today, we share some resources for learning Spanish with you. I know there are several lists of  "magazines in Spanish" on the internet, but none of them are complete. This is why I decide to write this article.

Popular Magazines in Spain:

1. El País

Spain's leading daily newspaper, with an average circulation of 200,000 copies, covers news events and current affairs, with a politically radical stance.

2. El Mundo

Spain's second largest national daily newspaper, with a wide range of topics including politics, economy, world situation, culture, sports, and entertainment news.

3. ABC

One of the oldest newspapers in Spain, with a conservative political stance but open culture section.

4. Excelsior

A Mexican daily newspaper with a strong national identity, known for its independence, objectivity, and social commitment.


A fashion magazine similar to ELLE in France.

6. National Geographic en Español

This magazine covers multiple fields such as nature, history, culture, and technology, and presents the uniqueness of Spain and its worldwide scope through a combination of text and images.

7. ¡Hola!

Another Spanish magazine on celebrity gossip, fashion, beauty, society, and other lifestyle themes.

8. Tú!

This magazine focuses on the staple foods of Latino supermarkets worldwide. (Spanish Version)

Another characteristic of this magazine is that it focuses more on young lovers. For example, the hairstyles of celebrity couples, and fashion items. You may learn a lot of Spanish slang in this magazine.

This is an incredible magazine.

9. Vanidades

You can find a lot of entertainment news, fashion and beauty, and celebrity lifestyles in this online magazine.

In addition to entertainment and Gossip, this magazine also has some health and healthcare content.

10. GQ

Like other magazines, this magazine covers fashion themes, but its uniqueness lies in its main target audience being men.


These magazines are well-known and influential in Spain, providing readers with information on current events, fashion trends, and various other aspects. I hope these Spanish magazines can help you learn Spanish.

I think successful Spanish learners are learners with a purpose. They are willing to invest time, resources, and effort.

What kind of language learner are you?

If you are a successful Spanish learner, you have probably been learning independently, actively, and purposefully.

As a language fan, I hope this article is helpful. Good luck and to your success!

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